Alternative designs for an Australian flag

Over the years, many proposals for a new Australian flag have been put forward. Some advocates for changing the flag have also proposed the Eureka flag (which actually predates Federation, having been first flown in 1854). In addition to the Eureka flag, several other popular designs are shown below:

Eureka flag

The Eureka flag, 1854

Eureka flag

All Australian Flag, by Athol Kelly, 1979

Sam Neil's design

Sam Neil's design, 1997

Southern Cross and Boomerang

Southern Cross and Boomerang, Fred Rieben, 2004

Ausflag proposal

An Ausflag proposal from 2013

The Eureka flag is a popular alternative Australian flag, and is one of Australia's oldest national symbols - having been the flag used by gold miners rebelling against British colonial authority in Ballarat, Victoria. The miners were objecting to the expense of the miner's license, and taxation on miners without representation, being enforced by the colonial government.

While it is a proud and enduring symbol with historical significance to Australia, there are several good reasons why it has not become Australia's national flag:

As for the other flags, criticisms include:

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